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Ask him if there's nothing wrong with him why is he too chicken to do the test or tell him they give you porno mags at the doctors - do whatever it takes. If other people think other people's fertility problems are something to be ashamed of that's their problem. All he had to do for that was a sperm sample in a hospital room full of porno mags whilst I had to do IVF even though there was nothing wrong with me.

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His results were fine and it turned out I had a luteal phase defect that was cured with Clomid and we conceived both of our children on the second month of Clomid treatment. I am going to be going through my 2nd IVF cycle.

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It's tearing up our relationship. New to the forum? My husband had his semen analysis at the same time I sought the help of a fertility specialist 3 years ago.

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Half the time there is a problem with the man so you need him to do a test. I am going to be going through my 2nd IVF cycle. The nurse held up the sample in front of a room full of patients!

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