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Can watching porn make you relaxed? In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that in addition to all that the internal conflict a person can experience while watching porn, if he thinks that porn is bad, can exhaust his mind and nervous system. Those emotions can last for days and they are the source of real stress.

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Can watching porn make you relaxed? The ultimate guide to ending Porn and Masturbation Addiction How Porn addiction can lead to feelings of inferiority Porn addiction can be connected to doubts about masculinity Why many porn addicts are just looking for a mood fix.

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Some people watch porn when they are unable to sleep and the trick sometimes works. Where the real stress comes from If you think porn is bad then probably watching it will make you feel ashamed, unhappy and guilty. Those people feel calm and relaxed then manage to sleep but when they wake up in the next day they usually feel horrible for so many reasons.

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