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From myth to sexual health". Seventy years ago, a child might have been told that masturbation would cause insanity, acne, sterility, or other such nonsense.

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You know you are addicted to masturbation if you are compelled to self-stimulate on a regular basis it affects your daily routine you crave for rougher, harder sex it affects your relationship with your partner it causes physical injury or harm to the genitals you are having difficulty in achieving orgasm gradually it forces you to isolate yourself from the real world. NoFap was founded in June 2011 by Alexander Rhodes after a thread on Reddit about a 2003 Chinese study [note 1] that found that men who refrain from masturbation for seven days experience a 145. Counselling with a sex therapist is highly beneficial Sex addiction support group therapy Indulging in other activities like cultivating a hobby or sport Socialising or interacting with others as it takes your mind off masturbation for some time Exercise and meditation will bring peace of mind and better control on your senses Make love without aiming at orgasm or sexual pleasure.

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Users on NoFap's subreddit more than tripled in number in two years, leading Rhodes to build an off-Reddit forum at NoFap. Still, many children are punished or made to feel guilty for touching their genitals.

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