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Dopamine is a chemical that helps us experience emotions, respond to rewards and feel better. Each time that person reverts back to this bad habit he raises his dopamine resistance even more and make his life more grayish!

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In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that because dopamine is also the chemical responsible for connecting actions with rewards porn addicts usually start to find social connections less rewarding. Based on these thoughts some people came up with the conclusion that masturbation won't affect you if you didn't believe that its wrong, but science proved those people wrong. How to stop masturbation addiction How to break bad habits 5 surprising psychological facts you would want to know.

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Excited to know how it happens? In other words, you will feel more anxious , less confident, more depressed until the next session which will only elevate your dopamine levels for few hours then reduce them to a new low after you are done! In such a case his dopamine levels become low during social interactions and as a result he finds himself anxious around people. Then read this post.

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