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When I interviewed for Fleshlight, I did have some reservations about the product. I know I should be understanding that he's using them to simply take care of himself but it still bothers me. If you are really having a hard time, you may want to talk to a professional.

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Well, they are products that give people with certain genitals great orgasms. Where can I buy a fleshlight if I'm a 15 year old teenage male. Be gentle with yourself! I try to handle it myself, with and without my fleshlight, but it doesn't seem to die.

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When I interviewed for Fleshlight, I did have some reservations about the product. Some will bring you to the edge more quickly, others will take longer. Come to some understanding about both of your sex toys that makes both of you comfortable about them. I have an over-active sex drive and nothing I do seems to curb it.

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