Nokia 300 ойын автоматтары

Хоккейден ставкаларларды онлайн режимінде ұсынатын.

Нақты ақшаға арналған ойын автоматтарына. Ойын автоматтары ақысыз торрент үшін. Мәскеудегі букмекерлік кеңседегі жұмыс күзетшісі. Спорттық ставкаларлар үздік букмекерлік кеңсе. Казинолық konsta kz мейрамханасы виллагджо. Казинолық серіктері жылға жазылатын бонус. X ойын автоматтары тегін ойнайды. Волейболдан әйелдер Ресейдің Италия болжамы.

Телефон Nokia Asha — купить по выгодной цене на Яндекс.Маркете

Nokia 300 ойын автоматтары болжау үшін веб-сайт сатамын. Спорттық ставкаларлар туралы видео оқулықтар..

108 thoughts on “Nokia 300 ойын автоматтары

  1. mitchiezmummi

    how do you turn the gprs off … i have the g in a square on my phone next to the battery indicator. cant get rid of????

  2. kingshearer2

    Think Ive just sussed it – if you keep you finger on the button for a second or two it writes the number to the screen. 

  3. Lucía de Jesús

    este telefono es compatible con whatsapps? por favor respondeme pienso comprarlo

  4. Jill Brown

    Thank you for a very useful, practical and realistic review. Im awaiting this phone thro an upgrade and it looks perfect for my needs 🙂

    1. Fisherman

      Pardon but is your Nokia Asha 300 still working today 2019 without any problems? Thanks.

  5. Shiny Shoes Tech

    the phone is supported I believe, check the description for the link! 🙂

  6. manmodell185

    vittu menkää helvettiin . Puhelin on puhmista varten ja messgae kirjoittamista varte ja sitten tulle muut. Mitä helvettiä te idiotit leikitte niinkuin pikkulapset. mitä te isot vanhat äijät teette noilla peleillä ja muilla kun ette edes ymmärrä niitä Onko tuo teidän lelu vai mikä teillä helvetti on ,

  7. Shiny Shoes Tech

    it should be under settings either screen or keyboard with the option to turn haptic feedback off.

  8. phil weaver

    hi this is on my radar (cant get on with my ,now ex iphone !)just how good is the batt.- 1 ,2 days ? longer ? currently using a trusty 6300. thanks,

  9. Shiny Shoes Tech

    go into settings in the menu screen and that will give you the option to adjust it manually 🙂

  10. Trevor Davies

    That is a really useful review. You can get this phone from for just under £5/m from (300 minutes, unlimited text and 500MB data on O2). For other options just go to

  11. Shiny Shoes Tech

    hey, sorry ive not had chance to test it, but if its available I dont see why it would lag it works fine on my blackberry bold which is slow so 🙂

  12. Denise Powell

    hi – getting this phone tomorrow as big nokia fan, it replaces the 6301 – how do you use the speaker phone please as they all have one ?
    Live in a poor signal area so this phone could be a life saver especially since I
    dont really like smart phones, getting the red one – yippy, thanks !

  13. maureen nash

    Hi can anyone tell me please how to put music on my nokia 300asha?thanks x

  14. Malcolm Browning

    I have one of these and it does the job well- (you know- a phone and device for texting) The back is a bit tricky to get off (An easy way to get the back off is to drop the phone…)

  15. Shiny Shoes Tech

    It has internet which is usable but not full touchscreen phone quality.

  16. Debz Wood

    I cant get wifi on mine, is there anyway to get wifi on my Asha 300? D:

  17. neil john horsfield

    HI,got a chat,sign in to your communities icon up where your 4 favorite people to phone are,cant get rid of it,any ideas,regards neil

  18. Shiny Shoes Tech

    yes it is 🙂 check the description for the link to whatsapp compatibility list.

  19. Shiny Shoes Tech

    have you tried taking the battery out and putting it back in? This should hopefully reset the clock I think, but dont take my word for it have a look round google for other people with the same problem

  20. Fisherman

    1. Is there another way to unlock/wake-up the phone besides the power button? Like for example any keys on the keypad?
    2. Is it still working fine today?
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. Shiny Shoes Tech

    erm it should pop up at the top of your status bar on the phone as a little mail symbol? If it doesnt im not really sure tbh I could have a look if you want.

  22. maureen nash

    Hi thanks for everything told me ,right can you please tell how to delete music from my nokia 300asha please as weve looked all over this phone and can not find a deleted button thanks for your time maureen x

  23. Shiny Shoes Tech

    I doubt it, at the most it would support text only chat.

  24. Faizan Cassim

    I too have the same phone and I was pretty impressed with the sound quality too. I use a laptop with SRS Premium HD sound, and the phones sound quality was up to that standard too. It even gives a 3d effect.

  25. Chris Morton

    Great review – you sound a little like Prof. Brian Cox. Please take that as a compliment! 🙂

  26. Shiny Shoes Tech

    yeh its really simple to use its like the first step towards fully touchscreen 🙂

  27. jemma Firth

    What is the music player like, what is its memory like and can you add a memory card?

  28. Rhiannon Davies

    How long does it take to get used to the screen? For somebody thats not used to phones/touch screen, is it a little awkward?

  29. Juan Killey

    does the lock button get stuck or jammed? or is it just stiff to push in?

  30. maureen nash

    oh do you know if this phone comes with usb cale?as when i open it didnt have one so just bought one from ebay thanks x

  31. Arif Ali

    my nokia 300 screen does not work at all i fixed it for £20 in england it worked till 25 august 2014 febuary 2015 it was my mums she gave it to me i need help on how to fix the screen i dont want to waste £25 again! plz help

  32. Lg 25-6981

    Was wondering how whatsapp fares on the asha 300, is it laggy at all?

  33. Joldrath

    Finally a good review for what appears to be a good phone. So tired of all the android crap.. I just want a phone that works for.. phonecalls, and some easy texting. Ill be getting this. Thank you again.

  34. Syukur Spki

    Can you make review how to setup signature in text massage? i hope u can do it . 🙂

  35. Pokde One

    sadly no. its not a full on smartphone. you could say that it has a smartphone accessibility and simplicity of a regular cellphone

  36. Shiny Shoes Tech

    Im not sure pherhaps see if tunein radio is knocking around on the app store as in my experience on my blackberry it does great streaming radio stations although i havent searched for internet radio with it.
    For the screen problems apply a bit more direct force so point your finger a bit more I found this made it much more reliable 🙂

  37. Shiny Shoes Tech

    The speaker phone will be able to be called up from the call screen when in a call 🙂

  38. alioramus

    Can you use the phone as a modem USB to connect Internet for the PC?. (With Nokia PC Suite)

  39. Erin Zions

    There are a few ways
    – easily using bluetooth get someone else to send you heaps of songs
    – get a cable (it doesnt come with one) that connects it to your computer and you have to download Nokia Suite then if you have music on your computer you just drag to the program and right click. then copy to phone. it does it in a second.
    Get any Mp3 from Mp3 skull. free. Hope this helps

  40. Shiny Shoes Tech

    i dont think its possible to get rid of that symbol no, as it shows that you have a data connection.

  41. Shiny Shoes Tech

    The touch screen does away with the need for a scroll pad, it has the keyboard as the screens not really big enough for text input but I like it this way you get best of both worlds 🙂

  42. kingshearer2

    Great vid just got one of these phones a year and a half after you! I cant figure out how to insert numbers in a text message. For the number 2 I suppose you could press the abc button until 2 arrives but for number 0 as soon as you press it puts a space in straight away. I used to have a sony phone and you can change from Abc or abc or ABC or 123 but this nokia just seems to have the Abc, abc and ABC modes? Can anyone help? Cheers 

  43. Владлен Баринов

    у меня вылетела кнопка с лева и у мну перестало искать сеть что делать скажите плиз

  44. Joe Dodd

    can you use spotify on it? Whats the memory usage like? Will it run a spotify app?

  45. Trevor Davies

    Sorry, that should be £7/m, although deals start at £2.74!

  46. Shiny Shoes Tech

    Thats not good is it, I can only comment on my own experience which has largely been good

  47. Shiny Shoes Tech

    It should be in the phone settings menu probably under screen settings?

  48. alioramus

    Good speaker, good battery, 3G HSPA, I can do tether with my Android tablet with a very good speed. For me is the best phone

  49. JonathanAnon

    I know three people with this phone, and there are touchscreen problems on all three.. Its a nice phone but the touchscreen alone makes it a complete disaster.

  50. Tolkienista

    On my main screen the time in the top left corner next to the date does not match the time when i press menu and is stored in the phone, it was set in the store where i bought it today and i havent managed to sort this little glitch out for myself. Was fine during the day and now it hasnt changed in the last 40 mins!

  51. Noukz

    Does anybody know can you download and use WhatsApp for this phone? Thanks

  52. Rosa Rawlings

    Thats what my brother got. I get to have a try on hes phone, and I love hes phone because its so easy to use and its not complicated to use so easy. This is perfect for you if you problems of using a phone. I would recommended this to anyone for easy use technological 🙂

  53. Lord Maffi of Oxford

    I have had one for about 8 months. It must be the worst phone ever. Completely dumped all info including wall papers ringtones ect

  54. Tolkienista

    Thks for your advice, this may well come in useful in the future. After switching the phone off for the night, by the next morning the screen was back in synch with the clock. Have found you tube invaluable for advice where the manual which comes with the phone falls short. Merry Christmas to you and keep up the good work…………..

  55. Kit Cronin

    my mum is thinking to buy this and she isnt really into technology so would this be ideal for her?

  56. Gordon Oboh

    does it have more than one home screen and can you add a widget to the homescreen, doesit have multitasking.

    1. Shiny Shoes Tech

      it has one homescreen, the widgets you can add are very limited such as clock or a list of contacts with their pictures as icons. As for multitasking ive honestly never tried, but I doubt it will do much if any.

  57. Pamela Gravestock

    Hi, thanks for the video it was good, but can someone tell me how I get the internet on my phone for the first time. I dont seem to be able to find it in the booklet I have.

  58. Just in Case

    Thank you for this review. It looks like Ill be getting the C3-01 instead.

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